David Makowski


David Makowski

Current position

Director of research (DR1)
Unit 518 MIA Paris-Saclay
University Paris-Saclay, campus AgroParisTech INRAE
Palaiseau 91120 France

Email : david.makowski@inrae.fr or david.makowski@universite-paris-saclay.fr 


Recent publications in 2023

Full list of publications accessible here:

Students and junior researchers supervised in 2023

  • Mathilde Chen (Post-doc): Forecasting of crop yields in Europe under climate change
  • Armand Favrot (MSc, engineer): Bayesian statistical modelling for assessing crop protection treatments
  • Olivier Gauriau (PhD student): Interpretable machine learning tools (in collaboration with INRIA, Univ. Rennes and ACTA)
  • Florian Teste (PhD student): Impact of production shocks on prices of agricultural commodities


My main interests are in statistical/machine learning modelling applied to agroecology, climate change, and food safety. I manage scientific projects and support research groups in analyzing complex datasets using statistical and machine learning methods.

  • Meta-analysis
  • Mixed-models
  • Machine learning
  • Forecasting
  • Dynamic models
  • Bayesian statistics
Fields of application
  • Climate change impact and adaptation
  • Agroecology
  • Food security and food safety
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Decision support tools for crop management (crop protection, fertilization)

Teaching in graduate schools

  • Generalized linear models and Mixed-models applied to agroecology
  • Meta-analysis and analysis of networks of experiments
  • Uncertainty and Sensitivity analysis with complex crop and environmental models
  • Time series and Machine learning

Check my lectures on GitHub:



I support research groups and public organisations in analyzing their datasets:

  • Analysis of experiments to address scientific and societal questions on climate change and agroecology,
  • Risk analysis (food safety, environmental risk, climate change),
  • Development of classification and forecasting tools,
  • Support in conducting meta-analysis.


  • HDR (equivalent to DSc) University Paris-Sud (University Paris-Saclay), France, 2007
  • PhD INA PG (AgroParisTech-University Paris-Saclay), Paris, France, 2001
  • MSc and Engineer INA PG (AgroParisTech-University Paris-Saclay), Paris, France, 1996

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